P For Pistol | About Us

I am just another rat in the race of game development, trying to be the best artists we can be while having fun and making a living.

On my site you will find a collection of previous projects we have worked on ranging from generic flying anime girl mobile game to an unreleased visual novel about banging kitchen appliances.

So you've made it this far? Thank you for offerring up your precious neurons through attention on us lowly apes

sketches of the pistol from the game p for pistol

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Absolutely Skint?

Absolutely Skint is an independent artist, trying to carve out a small kingdom in a world of games and manga that is already a highly competitive environment.

What other games has Absolutely Skint made?

We almost made a visual novel about a guy banging a kitchen appliance.

What is Absolutely Skint currently working on?

They are currently working on the title P For Pistol, a 2D shooter with a dude who can shoot bullets from his..-hip-