Advice By An Artist On Creating A Webtoon

As time passes, beginning a series on Webtoon becomes increasingly difficult.

Webtoon Canvas is now filled with new writers with hundreds of new episodes being published daily, lowering the chances of getting discovered compared to the early days.

Using the Webtoon Canvas tab, clicking on a genre, and being at the top only gives someone a small chance of someone clicking their Webtoon. So, it brings up the question: What's the best way to grow on Webtoon as a beginner?

As a Webtoon creator myself, I have tried to find ways to grow as much as possible. While I am still in the beginning stages, here are some tips to increase your readers when first starting.

First, upload consistently. Weekly or bi-weekly is optimal to keep your readers engaged in your world, as posting with too many gaps may make the reader forget what happened previously, making them not want to re-read everything.

Secondly, advertise like there is no tomorrow. Although my Webtoon does not have too many followers, my advertisement has made me have many more readers than some others with the same amount of episodes. Post on social media, and bring it up in conversations.

These things will help to grant new readers and, and turn, more followers. It's important to remember that short-form content isn't some "get-rich-quick" scheme. Although it does help, the TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels audience for Webtoons is fairly small. While it is possible to gain a large audience from those types of videos, the chances of the person clicking your Webtoon are small.

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Thirdly, collaborate with other Webtoon artists. Reach out to fellow artists who are in a similar stage as you are, and find ways to help each other grow.

Get over your fear of networking. Add a reference to each other's works at the beginning or end of an episode, or trade social media posts about each other's series. This helps to build community and increase growth exponentially.

Fourthly, DO NOT GIVE UP. There are way too many Webtoons with one or two episodes which were updated a few months ago. When you decide to create a Webtoon, buckle down, plant your feet, and work. Webtoon creation is a grind. After one or two episodes, the first results will be low. However, if you keep pushing, everything will start to fall into place.

Lastly, first impressions matter. When a new reader discovers your Webtoon for the first time, the biggest thing that stands out to them is the art style/quality. Take extra time to clean up the first few episodes.

This will help the initial readers continue to engage in your later episodes. These are some tips which will hopefully aid you in your Webtoon creation process and growth.

Webtoon creation is a grind, so keep your head up high, and eventually, all your work will show results.

You can check out my series on Webtoon called ("RENEGADE.") It's all caps, and I would greatly appreciate the support. If there is any feedback you would like to give on my series, I would happily receive as much as I can get

poster for the webtoon RENEGADE.

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