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Big Fat Battle - Review

Intensive rounds of power-ups, insane weapons and fast combat. Big Fat Battle just might be the PvP shooter and team based action game for you.

After a brief while as a paid release, our friends over at Robot Squid (the developers in question), have made the transition into Free To Play.

If you previously tried the paid version out then likely myself, you will receive specific game rewards to compensate you. This was a nice delight when I relogged into the game on Steam a few days ago to give the game another try.

Try It out:

steam download link to big fat battle

The developers of Big Fat Battle are the same corhoot that made another oddball title, King Of Crabs. Who would've thought that playing as a crab and killing other crabs would turn into an addictive battle royale?

Big Fat Gameplay

The Free To Play version has definitely made a lot of progress in the gameplay department. The deathmatch seems to have gone and replaced exclusively with a round by round team knock out.

At the end of each round, players choose from a distinct list of weapons or buffs in a personalised shop.

As the game progresses, these weapons take on a life of their own; As of writing this article, the Sniper Rifle and Laser Gun are particularly fun to use. What's not fun about clicking on heads before the enemy can realise their HP has been deleted.

There is both controller and keyboard/mouse support. The controls are pretty simple. All the characters start out with a melee weapon and you purchase what you can as the game goes on; This makes for fairly intuitive combat.

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Characters & Visuals

The visuals are overall very positive; There is a distinct artstyle taken over the character models which makes them feel very vibrant, unique and are particularly well animated.

There is no shortage of creativity in the characters but the environment can fall short at times.

My inner pervert is a little sad that they have not embraced the Waifu world and slapped anime tiddies to a bunch of characters. Genshin has proven a billion dollars over and over that it sells. The people are speaking with their wallets and want lewdity folks!

To be frank, One has to wonder if anime tiddies suit the current style. Probably not? So it's overall a good idea the anime craze hasn't taken over the game.

With more updates, It's likely that the environment visuals will be improved and more characters added.

absolutely skint gameplay for the game big fat battle


Now that the game is free, I was curious as to how they would pay the bills in the current year when everyone is trying to pinch pennies. The game offers two in-app purchases at around $4.99 and $9.99 which will allow you to unlock more of the wacky roster.

The additional cast dont have too much of improved stats and We still have to play the game and level up in order to truly unlock the character. What could of easily turned into a Pay To Win scenario is a somewhat "fair" monitisation system.

(Yay! I made it to the final round)

final round for the game big fat battle

Don't forget to check out the discord community for the latest updates and the like. You may also find me lurking there, keeping tabs is the aim of the game.

Big Fat Battle Discord Link

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