Status:    Cancelled


GRILFRIENDS is an oddity of a visual novel.

You play as a debt ridden researcher that’s addicted to rejecting people on dating apps. You have been fired from your job for wearing a t-shirt stating "Bukkake Ruined My Carpet"

On your way out the office you receive a notification that the few women who liked your profile have blocked you; along with the message "Your account has been suspended” following a review of the $100,000 ,000,000 balance you owe."

When arriving at home you meet an intruder, Polly. The eponymous magical princess taking it upon herself to improve your situation.

To address your self esteem, Polly grants you a wish on your very next thought. Unfortunately your mind wandered and has turned all the women of society into obtuse cooking appliances and the men into literal home tools.

In order to undo the chaos that has been caused, you must resolve your personal conflict with the women of your past to make amends. Only after doing the deed (Yes you can bang em), will they turn back to their human form.


The mystical British fairy who has escaped her world and is using you for her own pleasure. She has no intention of going back. Her secrets are obviously obvious.


Vina, your former co worker from East Asia, she is not pleased with how little you appreciated her work nor how you see her as a wok.


Wendy, Polly's identical sister has also fallen ill to the spell and has since learned of her presence on the planet. Her degeneracy slowly peaks out.


Maha, the girl next-kebab... her family owns the local Kebab shop.

Angie Rummington

The Jamaican-lass, daughter of the owner.