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Is Good Pizza, Great Pizza for you?

It's got a quirk storyline, nice gameplay for running an adorable pizza shop and some silly characters to keep you entertained along the way. The monetisation on mobile isn't too bad, you can progress without it so it feels optional.

This is an easy recommendation, it's available on The Google PlayStore, Apple App Store, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Try It out:

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Is It Worth Playing?

Yes it is.

Are you fed up with your current life, working 9 to 5 for some D grade student that sleezed his way to the top as your manager? Well, while you're on the toilet being fed up, Download Good Pizza Great Pizza; You are now the proud owner of an up and coming pizzeria in the hip part of town.

With a straight forward tutorial and some clicking you will become the talk of the town.

At the time of writing this article, I have spent roughly 6 hours clicking my new Pizza shop. The progression feels quite natural going from making simple tomato pizzas to making fancy pizzas with 4+ toppings for customers.

The introduction of your rival pizza owner was a nice addition to the game and kept me playing the game past that initial 5 mins of gameplay where you would usually uninstall and move onto greener pastures.

Performance & In App Purchasing

The performance on mobile is fantastic, I could not notice any slowdown on either Android or IOS builds at the writing of this article.

The game has ads throughout the pizza shop but they are never forced on you. They opt in and usually offer gems as a reward which can then be used to further gameplay. This is mobile gaming in a nutshell.

Forced Ads after each "game play session" is absolutely horrendous regardless of the mobile game and thankfully I did not experience any of that in Good Pizza Great Pizza while playing on mobile.

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Work Life Balance

After a few hours of gameplay it can get a bit annoying with some of these blasted customers! Just as with real life, some of these customers don't know what the hell they mean.

Every now and then the customer will demand a "Supreme Pizza" or a "Joker Pizza" and at first glance you will have to ask the customer what exactly they want, is this a pizza with toppings I already own? Maybe but if you get the order wrong you now have a customer that is pissed.

Not knowing the pizza recipes is a common complaint that I felt along with other players. I am happy to chalk it up to part of the role play.

On a positive note, earning money and spending it to learn new toppings and pizza types feels very very rewarding.

The quests are very clear to understand and the stickers are pretty cute too. When you take into account that the base game is free with a very easy grind, this only adds to its positivity.


If you are already into mobile games then this is a good option to spend some of your time during the day.

The developers of the game TapBlaze, have been giving it almost regular monthly updates for the past 2-3 years now and there is no sign of them stopping soon.

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