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My Harem RPG


And here we have a look back at the mobile project that was never finished, My Harem RPG.

My Harem RPG, as the working title, was stopped in its tracks upon realing how over reaching the project was. It was intended to be a mobile/desktop idle-rpg game set in a dungeon

It was intended to be completed in 2018 and released first on the Android Playstore since at the time that is where i held the bulk of my experience.

screenshot from the concept game my harem

The gameplay was clear, we hunt down cute looking waifus we can buy from an artist, copy the combat cycle of Summoners War or 7 Knights and let players gasha their money away on their favourite waifu.

So what went wrong? Everything. It actually originally started as a simple match 3 game but my ideas went overboard and before I knew it was i was making "an epic mmorpg fantasy adventure"

The joke above is a common reference to new developers who very quickly start out with a project that has a small scope but feature creep quickly see's its workload becoming that of a triple A game

I must confess that dispite being an experienced game developer at the time, I too fell into this trap

screenshot from the concept game my harem

I built a match 3 system that would lead to the unlocking of the Waifus that I had acquired from an artist who sells a package of them. Suriyun (Website Link); If you have not checked out his assets you really should; (I am not being paid to endorse whoever he is).

His assets were at the time releatively cheap, high qualify and just work right out of the game in Unity

screenshot from the concept game my harem

Due to personal issues at the time, I was able to realise the errors of my ways and can the project. The design material that was usable help lead to the next project that was eventually uploaded to the Google Play Store, Galaxy Raiders

All in all, I happy that this was attempted.

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