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Should you spend time playing Sea Of Stars?

Sea of Stars was released in the summer of 2023 to notable acclaim, impressing both longtime RPG fans and newcomers alike. Developed by Sabotage Studio, the game heavily takes inspiration from iconic retro JRPGs like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, featuring a bold fantasy adventure with plenty of action to boot. Even though the game got a lot of love in the past, is Sea of Stars worth playing in 2024? Let's take a look at what Sea of Stars has to offer and how it stacks up to other 2024 RPGs.

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Is Sea of Stars Worth Playing in 2024?

To get you acquainted with the game and help you determine whether or not Sea of Stars is worth playing in 2024, let's take a brief look at the story at hand. Sea of Stars is set in the mystical world of classic fantasy, where good and evil clash in a seemingly never-ending battle.

You play as Zale and Valere, two young heroes imbued with the power of Eclipse Magic, allowing them to wield sun and moon magic respectively. Alongside their bumbling powerless pal Garl, the trio set off on an adventure to defeat the villainous alchemist known as the Fleshmancer.

That said, there is a lot more to the plot of Sea of Stars than first meets the eye.

While it follows the standard tropes of the RPGs that inspired it, the story includes a handful of clever twists and turns, ensuring that you never get bored with the narrative. An overwhelming variety of locales occupied by colorful casts of secondary characters offer a steady dose of variety, ranging from pirate ports to haunted mansions. Whether you're battling infected zombies, discovering mind-blowing lore, or facing down god-like monstrosities, Sea of Stars throws numerous narrative curve balls until the very end.

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A Good Looking Fight

Having a high-quality story is all good and well, but if you're wondering whether or not Sea of Stars is worth playing in 2024, you're likely looking for more than just an amusing tale.

First and foremost, the game looks utterly gorgeous, with 16-bit style visuals that produce breathtaking views via some of the best pixel art in recent memory. Character animations are also exceedingly well done, making fights feel reactive and engaging.

Speaking of fighting, Sea of Stars has a battle system that starts off very straightforward, but grows in complexity as time moves on. In the beginning, it's your basic JRPG turn-based affair, with different attacks causing unique status effects, magic-imbued attacks, etc.

Over time, you'll learn new moves, pick up new party members, and the combat becomes far more fleshed out, especially when it pertains to enemy priority via the innovative "lock" system. After a few dozen hours, Sea of Stars has a fully fleshed-out battle system that feels both retro and modern, delivering both tactics and action in equal measure.

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Sea of Stars Compared to Upcoming 2024 RPG Games

When considering whether or not Sea of Stars is worth playing in 2024, you simply need to stack it up to the competition. Other turn-based RPGs like Persona 3 Reload and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are tantalizing 2024 picks, but they don't offer the same retro charm that Sea of Stars exudes so effortlessly.

Many other 2024 RPGs are leaning into the action route as well, including Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Visions of Mana, and many more.

Sea of Stars was a landmark game of 2023, even winning the "Best Independent Game" category at both the 2023 Game Awards and the Golden Joystick Awards. However, Sea of Stars is far from over. Sabotage Studios has already announced that they are working on an upcoming DLC called Throes of the Watchmaker, which will presumably be released this year.

Simply put, if you missed it last year due to the onslaught of new games, Sea of Stars is 100% worth playing in 2024.

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